Forster Eventing in 2017

Ebony competing on Alby in dressage at the Ballarat 2 Day Horse Trials.

In our final update for 2017, Ebony reports that she recently attended the Avenal EA Horse Trials, which was Alby’s 3rd EV80 start.  Despite a couple of minor mistakes due to his youthfulness, Alby did good work to finish just out of the placing’s.  All in all it’s been a big year for him, and a very successful first season for Alby.  Throughout the year he has made steady improvement and as a result he is getting more confident with each outing.

Alby and Yoko are now on holiday, having a well deserved break until early January when they will come back into work fresh for the season ahead which begins in February 2018.

As we come to the end of 2017, on behalf of our business, thank you Ebony for being such a super ambassador for our company and our products.  We wish you a great Christmas and look forward to hearing your news in the coming year.


Ebony recently competed on both Yoko and Alby at the Mandurang South Super Cross with Alby placing 4th and Yoko coming in 2nd by one point.

On the weekend of 14/15 October, Ebony took both horses to the Ballarat 2 Day Horse Trials, one of Ebony’s favourite events in the year.  Alby performed well in his dressage test but unfortunately the judges didn’t agree marking him a low score.  Yoko on the other hand was placed in the top 10 despite the odd spontaneous pig-root causing Ebony to demonstrate her good “Bronco-riding” skills!

Over the weekend competition, Alby was unable to move up in the placing’s, however Yoko came home with a 6th place against a tough and competitive field.  A great result for her first official start after  6 months off and testimony to Ebony’s perseverance, patience and her love of Yoko.

Ebony competing on Yoko at the Ballarat 2 Day Horse Trials.

Ebony riding Yoko in cross country at the Ballarat Horse Trials











Currently on holidays!

Returning to competition in February 2018