“We are a small Endurance Stud that has been using your (Freemantle Stock Feeds) products for 6 years since moving to the Upper Murray.  We have been using your Oaten Chaff, Rolled Barley and occasionally Rolled Oats.

Last year we attended a ride in Victoria sponsored by your company and won some Rolled Oats and Horse Muesli, which we are quite impressed with……our stud horses do very well on it and the young horses seem to bloom once weaned onto the product.

……..Thankfully Graeme and Travis at Agmate, Corryong, work very hard to make supply affordable and regular ensuring freshness and viability of products.  I would also like to thank you for your continued improvement of quality control and sponsorship of horse events, it is very much appreciated.”

Heidi Walton, March 2015