NHVR Accreditation


Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L is accredited under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme in both Mass Management and Basic Fatigue Management.  This accreditation is subject to the conditions contained in the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Business Rules and Standards.

Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L delegates company personnel and suppliers to perform tasks for which they have undergone training and are suitably qualified to perform.  Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L aims to provide the highest level of service and to operate in a safe and professional manner at all times.


Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L operates tri-axle, semi-trailer and bogy drive cab over vehicle combination under its Mass Management Procedures.

The vehicles operated by FSF are involved in the carriage of primary produce to destinations in Victoria and other States.  All loads are checked to ensure they do not exceed axle and gross vehicle weight limits before the vehicle leaves the FSF yard.

Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L conducts a quarterly review of each vehicles verification status and an Annual Internal Review of quarterly compliance reports to ensure that procedures are being followed and that records verify compliance.


Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L Basic Fatigue Management Manual outlines the policies and procedures used by the business to ensure its compliance with the requirements of the Basic Fatigue Management System.

The business ensures that all driver rosters and schedules are in accordance with the limits prescribed in legislation.  All trip schedules and driver rosters are planned and assigned in compliance with driving/rest limits, taking into account the time for the transport task to be completed safely.

Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L understands they have a legal, moral and social responsibility to ensure that employees do not undertake driving work whilst fatigued by ensuring that their drivers are in a fit state for work and can perform work duties safely.

There is a system in place to manage and maintain records that relate to the Basic Fatigue Management system through the conduction of quarterly reviews and an Annual Internal Review.  Drivers found to be non-compliant with the company’s policy under BFM will be subject to disciplinary action.