What are your business hours?

Our office is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm.  We are not open on weekends and public holidays.

I am a private purchaser; can I buy products from you?

Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L is a wholesale distributer, and we only sell to retail stores. Any private sales enquiries will be redirected to our customer stores.

What is the minimum order quantity?

To receive Free In Store delivery you must order a minimum of 4 pallets to be received in one delivery. Minimum order quantity is 2 pallets with a $20 delivery fee per pallet. We do not deliver single pallets.  You can contact our office on 03 5468 7286 for freight charges.

Deliveries to Tasmania are Free On Board, for minimum of one full pallet and then you can select the courier service of your choice and pay the freight charges from Melbourne to your door.

Do you deliver to all areas of Victoria?

We operate a regular schedule of deliveries across the state of Victoria.  Please refer to our section on deliveries.  If we are unable to deliver to your area we are happy to assist you in arranging a delivery with your preferred courier service.  Rail deliveries can also be arranged.

When do I need to put my order in by?

Orders must be received in our office by no later than 2pm one full day in advance of truck loading.  e.g.: orders for a Wednesday delivery must be received no later than 2pm on the Monday. Please note that orders received on the day of loading cannot be guaranteed.

Can I split pallets of chaff?

Pallets of chaff cannot be split.  Chaff must be bought by the pallet lot, with 17 bags of the same chaff variety on a single pallet except wheaten chaff which is 12 bags on a single pallet.

Can I split pallets of grain?

Pallets of grain can be split and mixed.  You can buy as many bags of individual grains as you like, and mix pallets of different varieties of grain.

Can I order grain in bulk bags?

Individual grain varieties can be purchased in 1 tonne bulk bags.  You need to allow 3-4 business days from placing your order for the order to be made up.  Please contact our office for pricing.

Can I order chaff and mixed feeds in bulk bags?

Chaff can only be purchased in 25kg bags and mixed grain & chaff feeds can only be purchased in 20kg bags.  They cannot be purchased in bulk bags due to the nature of the products being unstable and difficult to move safely in bulk.

When do you deliver to my area?

We have a regular delivery schedule which covers most of Victoria in a month, including weekly deliveries to the Albury region and bi-weekly to the Mt Gambier region.  Please check out our delivery schedule.

Do you have a back-ordering system?

We do not offer back-ordering of stock.  Unfortunately if we do not have stock available for your order, you will need to re-order.

How heavy are your chaff bags?

Freemantle chaff is sold in 25kg bags and Freemantle grain products are sold in 20kg bags.

Can I pick my order up from the Freemantle Stock Feeds premises?

If you are a retail customer of Freemantle Stock Feeds, you can pick your order up from the premises. You can arrange pick up by contacting the office during office hours on (03) 5468 7286.  When you arrive at our business you must park on the weigh bridge and enter the office to sign into our Visitors Book.  You will not be permitted on site without wearing a high visibility vest.  You must bring with you a CHEP pallet in good condition in exchange for the pallet your goods will be prepared on.  If you do not bring a pallet to exchange, you will incur a charge for the pallet we supply.

Can I order a single 250kg drum of molasses or molafos?

Due to OH&S requirements and transport safety, 250kg drums must be purchased as 4 on a single pallet.  The 4 drums are shrink wrapped on the pallet to prevent them from moving during transport. You can order mixed drums for example: 2 drums of molasses and 2 drums of molafos, as long as you have 4 x 250kg drums in total.

What other products are available through Freemantle Stock Feeds?

Check out our web page of our product guide to see the full range of items available.  Price lists are only available to account holders with Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L.

Where is Eddington?

Eddington is located in Central Victoria between the township of Maryborough and the City of Bendigo. It is approximately 20 minutes from Maryborough and 40 minutes from Bendigo by car. The closest town to Eddington is Dunolly, a 10 minute drive away.


Didn’t find the answer you needed? Call Helen on 03 5468 7286 or email orders@freestock.com.au