Each day our drivers make multiple deliveries to areas as per our weekly schedule and may deliver to  between 1 and 6 customers.  We appreciate customers unloading in a timely manner to allow our drivers to move on to their next delivery.

Due to insurance requirements, our drivers do not manually unload trucks and our drivers do not operate customer’s forklifts as we cannot guarantee that equipment not our own is maintained to safe operating standards. For this reason it is essential that all customers have their own forklift and licenced forklift operator to unload our trucks.



All stock is delivered on CHEP pallets.   All customers are required to have their own CHEP accounts.  Full pallets are exchanged for empty pallets which must be in good condition to return to our depot. All pallets are counted upon delivery and recorded on both the delivery docket and tax invoice.

If a customer has insufficient CHEP pallets to return at the time of delivery, the amount owing is recorded on the tax invoice and will be collected on the next delivery.


We provide IBC Containers on an exchange basis.  You will need to purchase the first IBC from us to get into the exchange program.  

When you place an order for 1250 kg of Molasses or Molafos-M you will be charged for the product and the container.  On subsequent orders you will be charged for the IBC which will then be credited to your account upon receipt of the empty container to our depot.

IBC Containers must be returned in good working condition or charges will apply. 

Our drivers will not accept containers with bent, damaged frames, holes in the container, broken taps or any missing parts.

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