Contract Harvesting

The office of Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L also manages the operations of the farm owned by Graeme Freemantle (Freefarm).

Freefarm offers local farmers contract harvesting services.

  •  CROP MOWING & SUPERCONDITIONER WITH GPS using a 16 foot front, provides for faster drying, improved colour retention and decreased weather damage to crops.
  •  CANOLA WINDROWING WITH GPS using a 36 foot front, provides for quicker cutting.
  •  HARVESTING WITH GPS for cereal crops using a 30 foot front and Canola with a 12 foot pick-up front.
  • BALING with two machines available to produce 8x4x3 bales.


All enquiries for contract harvesting should be made directly to Graeme Freemantle on mobile phone: 0418 505 858


Canola Harvesting at dusk on 28th November 2018

Canola Harvest 2018