Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L was established by the current owner Graeme Freemantle in 1992 and Graeme celebrated 21 years of business ownership in August of 2013.  Graeme’s father Reg Freemantle established the original business known as Freemantle’s Lucerne Mills back in 1955.

Reg, who was born and raised on a farm in nearby Bet Bet joined the air force during World War II as a crewman on Catalina’s flying the Pacific region.  On return from the war, Reg met and married local girl Joyce Douglas and they eventually inherited the farm known as Glenvale where they established Freemantle’s Lucerne Mills.

Remembered as an entrepreneur, Reg Freemantle worked hard to develop and diversify the family’s mixed farm to include the breeding of stud pigs, sheep and cattle.  Reg had a strong community ethic and was one of the driving forces that saw the township of Eddington connected to the electricity grid in the 1950’s along with the introduction of irrigation for the local farming community.

As the parents of six children, Reg and Joyce not only helped to keep the Eddington Primary School open, but provided housing in the township of Eddington for their employees and their families.

When the community of Eddington decided to establish its own Australia Day Award a few years ago, Reg Freemantle was the first recipient of the award, presented to him by Steve Moneghetti.  He was so honoured to be nominated and to be the first recipient of the award. As a life member of Legacy’s Ballarat Branch, Reg died in December of 2012 at the age of 89 years.

It has been Graeme Freemantle’s vision over the interceding years since 1992 to grow and develop the business beyond stock feed manufacturing to become a “one stop shop” wholesale distributor of a diverse range of products to retail outlets around the state and interstate.  Whilst the core business remains in the growing, purchasing and processing of raw materials into bagged grains, chaffs and mixes, the current range of products available from Freemantle Stock Feeds extends beyond animal feed.

In 1992, Freemantle Stock Feeds carried a range of 13 products, under Graeme’s parentage the business now carries a core range of 5 chaff products, 12 grain products, 3 mixed chaff/grain products, molasses, molafos and a variety of supplementary products from animal oils, milk powders, small animal pet food to household cleaning products.

Supported by a dedicated Sales Manager, the business of Freemantle Stock Feeds continues to grow and expand beyond the borders of Victoria and intersate.  Currently Freemantle Stock Feeds are in the process of rebranding and introducing new product packaging that includes ezy-tear bags.  The distinctive new packaging can be readily recognised on the shelves of retail stores and feed merchants.

As well as growing and manufacturing stock feed, Graeme Freemantle continues the tradition of breeding beef cattle on the farm.  Using waste products created in the manufacturing process, around 150 head of cattle are fattened on the farms feed lot with another 150 head of cattle grazing the paddocks and on the banks of the Loddon River.

Freemantle Stock Feeds has retained strong local community and regional links with farmers and producers through our commitment to the purchase of their grains and hay for processing along with our support and sponsorship of local and regional not-for-profit clubs and events. Graeme Freemantle also operates a seasonal contract harvesting business, including silage and hay bailing, crop mower and superconditioning, canola windrowing harvesting and straw bailing to local farmers.