When Quality Matters

Welcome to Freemantle Stock Feeds P/L.  Established in 1955 we are located within the historic Goldfields Region of Central Victoria in the community of Eddington, which is situated on the banks of the Loddon River.  In a region famous for its history of wealth from gold and farming, at Freemantle Stock Feeds we have established our wholesale manufacturing and distribution business as a “one stop shop” for retail outlets.

Supporting our local farming industry we take pride in supplying our customers with quality products and produce which we grow, source and process because we know that your customers care about giving their animals the best.

With our regular and reliable delivery schedule our semi’s are on the road Monday to Friday across the state of Victoria.  From Eddington to Orbost, Mt. Gambier to Holbrook our trucks can be spotted with their distinctive logo delivering our extensive range to retail outlets.

From our mill hands to our drivers to our office team, we are committed to providing our customers with a high standard of customer service and delivery, as well as export quality products.

For more information on our business, product range and contact details, please visit our pages.

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